Holy Crap

Most people don’t know that an iteration of this website existed in the early 2000’s. There was a regular feature on that site called Holy Crap, (The easily offended should probably look away) in which I showcased some of the more insane products Christians sell in the name of their Lord. I don’t have a post ready for this week, so I decided to revive this gem. And, man, am I glad I did. Because I found these:


I did some research, and these aren’t meant to be a joke. Eric Dyson, president of defunct(?) Fishermen, Inc., is the apparent mastermind behind these amazing, horrible, amazing toys. I’m not sure why Jesus is wearing a lab coat while doing all of his activities, but maybe it’s because he doesn’t have time to change between all that surfing, mountain climbing (not pictured), and bull riding(!) Personally, I wouldn’t think Jesus would need a board to surf, but maybe he’s keeping it real.

…Also, he needs to stop skipping leg day. But, and who am I to question action figure Jesus?

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