I am my bones.
I am my ruined pancreas.
I am the soft downy hair on the curve of my ear.

I am the unspeakable mystery of my soul.
I am the sound my throat exudes when I’m overjoyed.
I am my salty tears.

I am the way I stroke the side of your cheek.
I am the reflection in your wet round eyes.
I am the distance from your heart.

I am the weight on my tired feet.
I am my teeming thoughts.
I am the numbness in the tips of my fingers.

I am half-alive.

I am my shame.
I am my need to be free.
I am an image of myself in flight.

I am the world after the fall.
I am the fall.
I am the hope of standing again.

One thought on “half-alive

  1. Ash says:

    Beautiful and so true

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