The Sunday Jumble

Scripture is about as ubiquitous on social media as first day of school pictures and political rants. Before Facebook and Instagram, our grandmothers framed cross-stitched verses, and purchased various knickknacks emblazoned with the ones that touched their gray little hearts. That’s cool, I guess. But the temptation is to rip words from their context, misconstruing

We Lied.

We lied to you. We sat in church every Sunday and we sang our songs and read from our Holy Book and forgot that you were out there, lonely and alone. We brought you booklets telling you how far away from God you were but left you hungry and homeless. We told you how hot

Church Without the Junk

We all have this place inside of us that we store it all. The socially unacceptable, the irreligious ideas, the things that would lose friends and un-inspire people. Questions, worries and doubts that we know we can’t share, but ache to say. That place is quickly cramped and uncomfortable, tearing at its seams. It’s hard

Hope for Dirtbags Like Me

I wonder what would have happened if, as a pastor, I had stood up in front of the