No More Opinions

I don’t want to give my opinions anymore. I should clarify. I most definitely will give you most, if not all, of my opinions. On life, and God, and even unnecessary things, like, let’s say, licorice: (horrible). But I don’t have any desire to climb to the tip-top of Sinai before doing so. You see, some people like licorice, even the wretched black kind, and I have zero capacity to understand how that could possibly be. There’s nothing going on there my taste buds find agreeable. Yet, some seem to thoroughly enjoy the taste equivalent of falling face first into a cow patty. Their opinion is ignorant, tasteless, and foolish to me. Yet, because I’m not betrothed to winning that argument, I’m able to see it’s only an opinion. I can see my own opinion that black licorice is like licking the boots of a coal miner who walks home each day through a river of toxic waste can also be seen as ignorant, tasteless, and foolish because people have different tastes. (more…)