Giving Our Life to Dead Things

Waiting is the hardest part, sang the late, and pretty stinking great, Tom Petty. I’m feeling that lyric lately. I’m going through some major changes involving some brontosaurus-sized decisions. And, as you know, scientists have proven through complex formulations that change sucks. Even good change can stink up the bathroom. Most of my friends also

Finding Hope

She had just come out of a horrible marriage. Aside from emotionally and mentally abusing her, he’d been

The Past Hurts

The people that hurt us leave scars. Curves of shiny thin skin that catch the tips of our

How Not to Die Inside

I dated a girl I went to high school with years after high school was a dark black

Hurt People Hurt People

The causes are a complicated series of emotional and psychological abuse, faulty beliefs about my right to have

An All Hallow’s Eve Treat

This is a vintage safety poster from the Netherlands. If they put warnings like this on cigarettes, I


I am my bones. I am my ruined pancreas. I am the soft downy hair on the curve

No More Opinions

I don’t want to give my opinions anymore. I should clarify. I most definitely will give you most, if not all, of my opinions. On life, and God, and even unnecessary things, like, let’s say, licorice: (horrible). But I don’t have any desire to climb to the tip-top of Sinai before doing so. You see,

Holy Crap

Most people don’t know that an iteration of this website existed in the early 2000’s. There was a

Against Truth

“Truth is not a matter of knowing this or that but of being the truth.” –Kierkegaard There’s not

The Path Ahead

My head throbs from the noise. I’m sitting in a quiet house in comfortable jeans and an old

Know it All

We’re busy people. Straining our backs to pull the pick through the air in an effort to break